Agronomy 515
Plant Mineral Nutrition

Department of Agronomy
Purdue University

Fall 2012

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   Introduction to Essential Element   

   Plant Response and Nutrient Stress
      PowerPoint Slides

   Soil Nutrient Bioavailability
      PowerPoint Slides

   Root Morphology
      PowerPoint Slides

   Short Distance Transport
      PowerPoint Slides

   Long Distance Transport
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   N Assimilation
      PowerPoint Slides

   N Fixation
      PowerPoint Slides

   K, P, S Assimilation & Function
      PowerPoint Slides

   Ca, Mg and Micronutrient Assimilation and Function
      PowerPoint Slides

     Modeling Nutrient Uptake
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   Nutrient Stress and Adaptation
      PowerPoint Slides

NUE Worksheet  

NUE Worksheet Solution

Nutrient Stress, Disease and Mycorrhizas
     Lecture Outline  
     PowerPoint Slides  

Micronutrient Deficiency Symptoms
Macro Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms 
Secondary Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms

Homework:  On due date submit by 5 PM to Dr. Brouder, room 3-351 or leave in my box in the main office.
   Problem Set 1  

   Problem Set 2
   Problem Set 3

Study Guides: 
    Study Guide: Exam 1
    Study Guide: Exam 2
    Study Guide: Final Exam, Fall 2010  

Course Overview and Organization:

Some interesting plant mineral nutrition websites:

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square box image  Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science
square box image  Soil Science and Plant Nutrition


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