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KingCorn Publications Database

The KingCorn PubDBase™ is an online database containing hundreds of links to Web-based publications that address nearly every agronomic aspect of producing a corn crop. The publications are categorized into broad topic areas. You may search by Category, State, and/or Keywords.

NOTE: Please report any quirks with the use or operation of this KingCorn PubDBase™ to your friendly neighborhood Extension corn specialist.

Search Instructions

  1. Click and choose a category from the drop-down list.
  1. Click and choose a state from the dropdown list if you want to further narrow the search.
Choosing a state restricts the search results to information published from and most pertinent to a specific state. Contact the author(s) if you question the appropriateness of the data to your particular needs.
  1. Enter one or more keywords to further narrow the search.
Multiple keywords must be separated only with a space. If you want to search for ALL the keywords you enter, then click the AND "radio button". If you want to search for ANY of the keywords, but not necessarily all of them, then click the OR "radio button".
Please recognize that assignment of keywords to all of the publications in this database is not yet complete. Your friendly neighborhood Extension corn specialist is slowly, but surely, finishing this task.
  1. Click the "Search" button:

PubDBase™ Caveats

NOTE: The Web sites included in this chapter represent a broad cross-section of the corn production areas of North America and therefore some of the information may be site-specific (in a geographic sort of way). Be aware that you need to exercise discretion in your acceptance of the recommendations or information contained in these online documents. If in doubt about the applicability of the information for your situation, contact the author of the Web document.