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Purdue Pre-ES PictureWelcome to Pre-Environmental Studies!

Pre-Environmental Studies at Purdue University is the first program of its kind in the country. It is a program that allows freshmen to take their first year at Purdue to explore the 16 academic majors that focus on the environment. When it is time to register for classes for the sophomore year, all students will have found an academic advisor in a home department that is most suited to their interests.

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What is Pre-ES?
PreES is a new program at Purdue designed specifically for freshmen at Purdue who have an interest in studying the environment but need to know more about the environmental majors offered at Purdue. Environmentally related academic pursuits are found in the College of Engineering, College of Science, College of Agriculture, and the College of Pharmacy, Nursing, and Health Sciences. The preES advisors provide counseling during the freshman year to insure an easy transfer to these colleges. In addition, all students in preES will take a course that provides detailed information about each of the majors. Students visit facilities, talk with other faculty, and are directed to information concerning academic requirements and employment opportunities within each major.

How does Pre-ES work?
Pre-ESIncoming freshmen in preES will meet with an academic advisor who will work closely with the students to assign classes and determine the academic pathways that fit the students’ interests. During the Fall semester of the freshman year, student will learn which majors are available, the classes required for each major, and the types of jobs normally available to the graduates of these majors. The diagram below outlines the process:

What happens at the end of the freshman year?
The preES program is available only to freshmen at Purdue. By the end of the freshman year, all preES students must find an academic home. Advisors will work with the preES students to determine the best home department based on interests and future plans, and the student will then begin the transfer (CODO) process. Students must complete this process before registering for classes for the sophomore year.

What careers are available to Purdue graduates with environmental majors?
A wide array of careers is available to Purdue environmental graduates. Most jobs have specific requirements, and not every major will provide the proper preparation for every job. Students from our programs have found employment with environmental consultants, industry of all kinds, regulatory agencies, wildlife agencies, law/policy consultants, environmental research, compliance, resource conservation, and many more. After completion of their degrees, many students attend graduate school at the most highly regarded institutions in the country.

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