Establishing a turf area  
AY-3: Establishing Lawn Areas From Seed PDF
AY-6: Zoysiagrass for Indiana HTML
AY-20: Seeding a Turf Area in the Spring PDF
AY-25: Purchasing Quality Grass Seed for Your Lawn PDF
AY-28: Establishing a Lawn from Sod PDF
AGRY-98-01: Building a Backyard Putting Green PDF
Maintaining a home lawn  
AY-2: Don't Bag It PDF
AY-7: Irrigation Practices for Homelawns PDF
AY-8: Mowing, Thatching, Aerifying, and Rolling Turf PDF
AY-13: Lawn Improvement Programs PDF
AY-14: Improving Lawns in the Shade PDF
AY-18: Soil Testing for Lawns PDF
AY-22: Fertilizing Established Lawns PDF
AY-26: Should I Hire a Professional Lawn Care Service? PDF
AY-27: Maintenance Calendar for Indiana Lawns PDF
AY-32: 7 Simple Steps to a Better Homelawn PDF
AGRY-98-03: Maintaining Lawns on Sandy Soils PDF

AY-327-W: Animal Urine Damage in Turf

Weed, disease and insect control  
AGRY-98-04: Control of Yellow Nutsedge in Homelawns PDF
AY-9: Control of Broadleaf Weeds in Homelawns PDF
AY-10: Control of Crabgrass in Homelawns PDF
AY-11-W: Identification and Control of Perennial Grassy Weeds PDF
AY-41-W: ID and Control of Annual Bluegrass and Rough Bluegrass in Lawns PDF
BP-101-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Gray Snow Mold PDF
BP-102-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Pink Snow Mold PDF
BP-103-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Leaf Spot/Melting Out PDF
BP-104-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Red Thread PDF
BP-105-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Dollar Spot PDF
BP-106-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Brown Patch PDF
BP-107-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Gray Leaf Spot PDF
BP-108-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Anthracnose PDF
BP-109-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Pythium Blight PDF
BP-110-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Leaf Rust PDF
BP-111-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Powdery Mildew PDF
BP-112-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Slime Mold PDF
BP-113-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Fairy Ring PDF
BP-114-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Take All Patch PDF
BP-115-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Summer Patch PDF
BP-116-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Necrotic Ring Spot PDF
BP-117-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Rhizoctonia Large Patch PDF
BP-118-W Turfgrass Disease Profiles: Yellow Patch PDF
BP-125-W Seasonal Activity of Turfgrass Pathogens PDF
E-61 Turf Insect Management PDF
ADM-10 Moles PDF
Athletic Fields
AY-31: Building and Maintaining Soccer Fields in Indiana PDF
AY-325-W: Bermudagrass for Southern Indiana Athletic Fields PDF
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