Proceedings 2004

Indiana Crop Adviser Conference

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Drainage Management

Benefits Down the Drain: Improving Water Quality and CropYields by Managing Drainage

Discuss Effects of Drainage of the Carbon/Nitrogen Cycle, System Production and Water Quickly

Dan Jaynes Soil Scientist and Research Leader
National Soil Tilth Lab

Biography:  Dr. Dan Jaynes is a Soil Scientist and Research Leader of the Soil and Water Quality Unit at the National Soil Tilth Laboratory, Agricultural Research Service - USDA, in Ames, IA. For the past twenty years, Dan has been researching the impacts of farming practices on water quality. His recent efforts have focused on reducing nitrate transport to surface waters by improving N management practices, changing crop rotations, and developing new design and management principles for subsurface drainage. Much of his research has been conducted in producers' fields and at the watershed scale where water quality standards are defined.