Proceedings 2004

Indiana Crop Adviser Conference

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Soil Quality & Organic Matter

Trash, Residue or Fertility in Limbo

Michael Plumer Natural Resource Management Educator
University of Illinois

Biography:  Michael D. Plumer works as a Natural Resource Management Educator through the University of Illinois, specializing in no-tillage systems, conservation tillage, cover crops, and soil quality. He has a B.S. from the University of Illinois in Agricultural Science and an M.S. from Southern Illinois University in Plant & Soil Science. He received the National No-Till farmer Innovator in Education Award for work in no-till systems nation wide as well as Soil and Water Conservation Society Honor Award. Worked in southern third of Illinois on conservation issues, water quality, soil quality. Worked with changing soil quality with cover crops for 20+ years. Currently working with a no-till farmer group in Willamette Valley Oregon that he helped start 3 years ago to address residue issues in grass seed production. He has worked in extension crops/agronomy for 28 years.