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Proceedings 2006

Indiana Certified Crop Adviser Conference


Purdue Nitrogen Trials

Several nitrogen rate trials on corn were established throughout Indiana in 2006. We are striving to determine the optimum N rate needed for corn production across different soils and regions of Indiana. Tools for refining N rate recommendations, like the pre-sidedress nitrate soil test and chlorophyll meter, are also being reevaluated with these experiments. Crop reflectance using active sensor technology is also being investigated as a potential new tool for in-season on-the-go adjustments to N fertilization rates. Results from these studies will be presented and compared with current recommendations and past research.


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CamberatoJames Camberato
Extension Soil Fertility Specialist
Purdue University

Dr. Camberato is an Extension soil fertility specialist at Purdue University. Although he has only been in Indiana for about a year he has 17 years of experience in a similar position in South Carolina. Dr. Camberato's research and Extension programs will concern improving the delivery and utilization of essential plant nutrients for the major agronomic crops in Indiana.