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Proceedings 2006

Indiana Certified Crop Adviser Conference


Can all Problems with Application Methods be Resolved with Higher Glyphosate Rates?

Variable performance from glyphosate applications in some regions has been observed more in 2006 than any year previous. Is this the result of the vast range in glyphosate application methods implemented by producers and commercial applicators? Certain application parameters such as carrier volume, droplet size, and spray coverage can be refined to ensure maximum glyphosate activity. Furthermore, nozzle spacing may need to be considered when performing a late postemergence application of glyphosate over the top of glyphosate-resistant corn.


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Bill Johnson
Bryan  Young
Associate Professor of Weed Science
Southern Illinois University MC-4415

Dr. Young is an Associate Professor of Weed Science at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. His research and outreach emphasis involves postemergence herbicide application technologies and the development of weed management strategies in field crops.