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Indiana Certified Crop Adviser Conference


Cover crop opportunities for Indiana

Soil quality should be the foundation of any cropping system. No-Till or similar high residue farming systems are said to improve soil quality over time. Some claim this process can be too slow. After years of tillage, many soils need to be weaned off of the Iron. Many farmers are looking for strategies to “jump Start” the system. In many cases cover crops may give us the charge we need to improve the soil quality. We can increase the overall production capabilities while enhancing the environment. Success is achieved through a systematic approach. Cover crop management may not always be straight forward so management strategies will also be covered.

Burndown and Weed Control Seeding of Annual Ryegrass

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Barry Fisher
Conservation Tillage Coordinator
Natural Resources Conservation Service

Barry Fisher is in his fourth year of what began as a two-year assignment as Conservation Tillage Coordinator for the Natural Resources Conservation Service in Indiana. He directs activities of the Indiana Conservation Tillage Initiative where his duties are to promote conservation tillage, identify barriers to the adoption of No-Till and High Residue Farming, and find solutions to those barriers. Fisher is located at the Greencastle USDA Service Center. For the previous 13 years he has served as District Conservationist for Putnam County. His prior assignment was Conservation Agronomist for West-Central Indiana and has worked for the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service since 1981. He has a degree in agronomy from Western Kentucky University and is a native of French Lick, Indiana.