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Why Use Pesticides in an Anti-Pesticide Society?


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Fred WhitfordCoordinator, Purdue Pesticide Programs
Purdue University

Fred Whitford is the coordinator of Purdue Pesticide Programs of the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service. He received a B. S. in wildlife management from Louisiana Tech University, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in entomology from Iowa State University. He has authored more than 250 research, extension, and regulatory publications, and has delivered over 2800 presentations to a wide array of audiences. He has written three books: The grand old man of Purdue University and Indiana Agriculture: a biography of William Carroll Latta, published in 2005 by Purdue University Press; The complete book on pesticide management: science, regulation, stewardship, and communication, published in 2002 by Wiley & Sons; and The complete federal and state compliance guide for Hoosier businesses, published in 2001 by Purdue University Press. Dr. Whitford’s prior professional activities include lab and field research, extension outreach, regulatory work, and commercial pesticide application.