Purdue University | Indiana CCA

Proceedings 2007

Indiana Certified Crop Adviser Conference


Micronutrient use in Fertilizers

  • Essential Micronutrients
    • Common Sources
    • Chelates and complexes
    • Soil vs. Foliar
  • Micronutrient chemistry
    • Stability of complexes / chelates
    • What is compatibility?
  • Plant Utilization and Uptake
  • Soil and Environmental Factors Influencing Micronutrient Availability
  • Agronomic considerations?

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Raun Lohry President
Nutra-Flo Company

Raun graduated from Iowa State University with Bachelor of Science degrees in Economics and Agronomy.  Following graduation he obtained an MBA in finance from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  He obtained an MS in soil science and PhD in Plant physiology in 1987 and 1989 respectively at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  While at UNL he studied the effects of soybean rotation on sorghum nitrogen use and nitrogen use in corn at different N rates, timings, use of nitrification inhibitor, and corn hybrids.  His work on nitrogen use in corn and its influence on leaf chlorophyll content established the basis for the chlorophyll meters now in common usage.  He currently serves on the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation Board of Directors and its Research and Education Committee.  He is also the Chairman of the Editorial Advisory Board for the Fluid Journal and edits the content of this quarterly publication ensuring readability and accuracy.

Raun now acts as President of Nutra-Flo Co. and serves on numerous other boards and committees in the industry and his community.