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Proceedings 2008

Indiana Certified Crop Adviser Conference


Manure: What Else Can I Say?

In this talk I hope to demonstrate how we have improved computer-assisted nutrient management planning with the Manure Management Planner (MMP) software program and our new MapWindow-based GIS tool. Topic areas that I hope to cover include improved data access via the Web, our new GIS mapping capabilities, and automating the calculation of RUSLE2 soil erosion, risk assessment, and maximum allowable manure application rates, and automatically incorporating conservation plan data into the CNMP document. If the new CAFO Rule has been released I will discuss how the new rule may impact nutrient management plan development for Indiana livestock producers. I also plan to discuss the numerous challenges that all producers face when they try to implement nutrient management plans. If I have time, I also will discuss how high fertilizer prices may be changing how we view manure.


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Brad Joern Professor of Agronomy
Purdue University

Dr. Joern is a at Purdue University, specializing in soil chemistry and crop nutrient management planning. He is the leading national authority in comprehensive nutrient management plan development and implementation, and his software, Manure Management Planner, MMP, is used across the United States for writing and implementing nutrient management plans.