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Proceedings 2009

Indiana Certified Crop Adviser Conference

New and Upcoming Advancements in Seed Treatments

Seed treatments are rapidly changing within our marketplace: we see increased substitution of seed treatment for foliar and soil applied applications and the desire to protect higher value GM seed. Seed treatments also offer great convenience to the farmer as these treatments are normally more complete and easy-to-apply. This presentation will review a number of new active ingredients that have come into the market recently or that will soon appear—offering control of new pest targets or alternative actives and rotation partners for currently controlled pests.


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Shane TaylorSeed Care Representative

Shane is the Seed Care Representative for Syngenta covering Northern and Central Indiana and is responsible for implementing Seed Care business strategies with seed companies and Crop Protection channel partners. He is responsible for calling on key seed company accounts, including AgReliant Genetics®, AgVenture®, Beck’s Superior Hybrids®, Channel Bio Corp®, Mycogen Seeds®, Remington Hybrid Seed Company®, etcetera. Shane works with key influencers to provide sales support which include but are not limited to: seed treatment distribution channels, training initiatives and coordination of territory operational activities with varying levels of management within target accounts. Shane brings a broad experience level as a field market development technical specialist, field development biologist, sales representative and market development manager for Syngenta. Shane has earned a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree from the University of Arkansas.