February 2009

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(23 Feb)
Corn and Soybean Basis Risk
Darrel Good, Univ. of Illinois
(19 Feb)
What's Cropping Up? PDF-formatted document
Cornell Univ (New York)
  • Reduced Rates of Residual Herbicides with Burndown Products Perform Well with Conventional Corn Hybrids
  • Planting Rates for Grain Corn and Silage
  • CruiserMaxx Seed Treatment on Soybeans Greatly Increases Final Stands but Only Marginally Improves Final Yield
  • Soybean Seeding Rates
(12 Feb)
Corn & Soybean Science Newsletter
Univ. of Kentucky
  • Will Global Warming Affect Yields in 2009?
  • To Bt or Not to Bt Corn
  • Is Early Planting the Key to High Soybean Yields?
(11 Feb)
Herbicide Programs for Non-GMO Soybean PDF-formatted document
Mark Loux, Ohio State Univ; Bill Johnson and Glenn Nice, Purdue Univ
(11 Feb)
Penn State Field Crop News
Penn. State Univ.
  • Whatís New for Agronomic Weed Control: 2009
  • Refuge-In-A-Bag: Current Status
  • Public Comment Requested on 2,4-D
  • Early Season Wheat Assessment
  • Spring Soil Sampling Tips
  • Clover Cover Crops and Nitrogen
(11 Feb)
Missouri Integrated Pest & Crop Management Newsletter PDF-formatted document
Univ. of Missouri
  • When Will the New CAFO Rules Affect you?
  • Streaky Fields and Uneven Application of N Fertilizer
  • Steps to Minimize Losses from Three Important Soybean Diseases
  • EPCRA and Gas Emission Reporting...Does it Affect Me?
  • Crop Sensors for Managing Nitrogen
(10 Feb)
Focus On South America
Darrel Good, Univ. of Illinois
(4 Feb)
A Practical Guide to On-Farm Research PDF-formatted document
Bob Nielsen, Purdue Univ.
(4 Feb)
Ohio C.O.R.N. Newsletter
The Ohio State Univ.
  • Are non-transgenic corn hybrids a viable alternative to stacked trait hybrids?
  • Herbicide options have never been better for non-GMO corn and popcorn
  • Crop Production Conference presentations now online
  • Want to voice your support for 2,4-D?
  • On-Farm Grain Storage Meeting Ė March 4 & 5
  • Phosphorus Fertilizer Forms and Formulations
(1 Feb)
Michigan Field Crop Team Advisory Alert
Michigan State Univ.
  • Another look at using fertilizers
  • Too little or too much nitrogen on corn: MSUís new guidelines
  • Managing nitrogen fertilizer for greatest efficiency
  • MSU Nitrogen recommendations for wheat in 2009
  • MSU recommendations for phosphorus and potassium
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