November 2009

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(30 Nov)
Good Demand for Corn and Soybeans, But Is There More?
Darrel Good, Univ. of Illinois
(24 Nov)
Tests determine mycotoxin levels in potentially moldy corn crop
Purdue/Ohio State AgAnswers
(24 Nov)
White mold, ear rots plague crops in 2009, combatable in 2010
Purdue/Ohio State AgAnswers
(24 Nov)
High Moisture Corn, Aerobic Stability, Feed Additives and Mycotoxins
Patrick Hoffman, Randy Shaver and Paul Esker, Univ of Wisconsin
(23 Nov)
Ohio C.O.R.N. Newsletter
The Ohio State Univ.
  • New Herbicide Update for Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat
  • Evaluating Soybean Cyst Nematode Resistance – Big Impact in 2009
  • Upcoming Agronomy Programs
  • Online Lessons For To Prepare for New Pesticide Applicator Testing
  • Ohio Crop Budgets and Input Outlook
  • Thoughts on Compaction From The Fall Harvest
(19 Nov)
Crop-Pest Ontario
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs
  • Herculex and Western Bean Cutworm - No Silver Bullet
  • Corn Harvesting Progress - Nov. 16/09
  • Agricorp Update on 2009 Corn Crop
  • Get the Fines Out of 2009 Corn
  • The Uncommon Becomes Common -Cladosporium Ear Rot
(16 Nov)
Lodging in Corn: Diagnosis, Harvesting Tips and Unexpected Damage in Triple-Stack Corn
Ken Ostlie , Univ. of Minnesota
(16 Nov)
Crop Prices Remain Firm
Darrell Good, Univ. of Illinois
(14 Nov)
Minimizing Foreign Material in the Combine’s Grain Tank
Matt Digman, Univ of Wisconsin
(11 Nov)
Penn State Field Crop News
Penn. State Univ.
  • Chesapeake Bay Activities Could Dramatically Impact Agriculture
  • Revisiting Fall Weed Control Again
  • Corn Harvest Issues Continue
  • Corn Hybrid Silage Trial Data
  • On Farm Soybean Growers — Preliminary Results
  • Pricing High Moisture Corn
(11 Nov)
Look to soil tests, not yields when making fertilizer applications
Purdue/Ohio State AgAnswers
(9 Nov)
Ohio C.O.R.N. Newsletter
The Ohio State Univ.
  • How will Delaying Corn Harvest Affect Yield, Grain Quality and Moisture?-Research Findings
  • Resources for A Delayed Corn Harvest
  • Discussing the 2009 Soybean Aphid Season and What it May Mean for 2010.
  • Managing Marestail and Weed Control in non-GMO Soybean Fact Sheets Available
  • Fall Herbicide Treatments in Wheat
(6 Nov)
Growers Urged to Evaluate Lodging Before Corn Harvest
Ken Ostlie, Univ. of Minnesota
(6 Nov, updated)
Iowa Integrated Crop Management Newsletter
Iowa State Univ.
(5 Nov)
the Bulletin:
Pest mgmt & crop developmt information for Illinois
Univ. of Illinois
(3 Nov)
Crop-Pest Ontario
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs
  • Drying and Storing Corn in 2009
  • Consideration for Ensiling Immature Corn
  • Current Distribution of Western Bean Cutworm in the Great Lakes Region
  • Kudzu Update
(3 Nov)
Missouri Integrated Pest & Crop Management Newsletter PDF-formatted document
Univ. of Missouri
  • Cold, Wet October
  • Corn Grain Storage Management
  • Wet Weather and Weeds
  • Guidelines for Feeding Moldy Corn
  • Wet Weather Can Cause Seeds to Sprout before Harvest
  • Soil Management for Harvest Ruts
  • The Wet Weather Over the Past Month or so has been both Bad and Good for Forage Crops
  • Moldy Corn and Soybeans
  • Soybean Plants Killed before Maturity Possess Grain that Remains Green
  • Missing Out on Fall Applications of P & K
  • Crop Insurance in a Wet Fall
  • Effect of Planting Date on Wheat Yield
(2 Nov)
Wisconsin Crop Manager Newsletter
Univ. of Wisconsin
  • Weigh Risk of Leaving Corn Stand Through Winter
  • Understanding Corn Test Weight
  • Combine Considerations for a Wet Corn Harvest
  • High Moisture Corn Harvest and Storage Considerations
  • Adding Organic Acids to High Moisture Corn
  • 2009-2010 Dairy Cattle Feeding Issues
  • Renewed Interest in Snaplage Displayed
  • Considerations for Artificial Drying of Soybeans
  • Calculating Grain Weight Shrinkage in Corn due to Mechanical Drying
  • Grain Drying and Storage Publications
  • Field Loss Calculator
  • Fertility & Soil Economics of Soil Testing
(2 Nov)
Harvest to Accelerate
Darrel Good, Univ. of Illinois
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