December 2010

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(21 Dec)
Insect Resistance Management Refuge Acres Calculator
National Corn Growers Association
(21 Dec)
New Miscanthus hybrid discovery in Japan could open doors for biofuel industry
Univ of IL ACES News
(21 Dec)
Researchers Study Benefits of Barley as a Biofuel Crop
USDA-ARS News Release
(21 Dec)
Michigan Field Crop Team Advisory Alert
Michigan State Univ.
(20 Dec)
UK recommendations hold up in soybean study
Univ. of Kentucky Ag News
(17 Dec)
Nebraska Crop Watch Newsletter
Univ. of Nebraska.
(13 Dec)
State rule affects those who work with agricultural fertilizer
Purdue Newsroom
(13 Dec)
January Could Be Important for Crop Prices
Darrel Good, Univ. of Illinois
(10 Dec)
Wisconsin Crop Manager Newsletter
Univ. of Wisconsin
  • Are you using N-Serve or Instinct?
  • Use Web Soil Survey to Create USDA-NRCS Soil Map for Your Farm
  • Using SNAP Plus as a Teaching Tool
(8 Dec)
Penn State Field Crop News
Penn. State Univ.
  • Fall Oatlage Results
  • Potassium and Manure on Alfalfa
  • New Book: Weeds of the Midwestern US and Central Canada
  • Fall 2010 Cover Crop Plots
  • Spring Small Grain Performance Information
  • Corn and Soybean Performance Data Online
  • Put Crop Producer Conference Registration on your Christmas List
  • Pennsylvania Agronomic Education Society Annual Conference
  • The 2010 Weed Field Trial Report available on the Penn State Weed Management site
  • Incoming Herbicide Resistant Crops
  • Herbicide Resistant Crop and Weed Survey
(8 Dec)
Ohio C.O.R.N. Newsletter
The Ohio State Univ.
  • Dry Soil Conditions and the Reliability of Soil Test Information
  • Pioneer’s Soybean Aphid Antibiosis Ratings
  • Soybean Performance Trials
  • 2010 Forage Performance Trials
  • Agricultural Statistics, Least Significant Differences (LSD)
  • New Journal of Integrated Pest Management
  • Central Ohio Agronomy Day – December 16, 2010
  • Agronomic Workshop
  • West Ohio Agronomy Day
(6 Dec)
Corn Prices Looking for Direction
Darrel Good, Univ. of Illinois
(4 Dec)
the Bulletin:
Pest mgmt & crop developmt information for Illinois
Univ. of Illinois
(4 Dec)
What's Cropping Up? PDF-formatted document
Cornell Univ (New York)
  • Recommended Roundup Ready Soybean Varieties for New York
  • Recommended Corn Silage Hybrids for New York
  • Nitrogen balances for the New York Upper Susquehanna River Watershed: Implications for manure and fertilizer management
  • A Look Ahead at Herbicide Resistance Management Strategies
  • Where Do the Fungal Spores Come From That Cause Fusarium Head Blight of Wheat?
(1 Dec)
Ohio C.O.R.N. Newsletter
The Ohio State Univ.
  • Seed Treatment Rates and Phytophthora
  • Ohio Soybean Performance Trials
  • New Herbicides for 2011
  • Transgenic Products Evaluated in the 2010 Ohio Corn Performance Test
(1 Dec)
Iowa Integrated Crop Management Newsletter
Iowa State Univ.
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