November 2014

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(21 Nov)
Michigan Extension Field Crops News
Michigan State Univ.
(20 Nov)
Drastic outdoor cooling may create some grain storage and drying problems
Kenneth Hellevang, N. Dakota State Univ (via Farm & Ranch Guide)
(20 Nov)
The Forgotten Variable: Yield and the Choice of Farm Program Option
Carl Zulauf, Gary Schnitkey, Jonathan Coppess, and Nick Paulson; Univ of Illinois
(17 Nov)
Corn and Soybean Acreage Questions Persist
Darrel Good, Univ. of Illinois
(14 Nov)
Kansas Agronomy E-update
Kansas State Univ.
  • Wheat response to cold temperatures
  • The economic return to soil test information
  • Kansas Wheat Yield Calculator
  • How cold did it get in Kansas from November 10-13?
(12 Nov)
South Dakota Pest & Crop Newsletter
South Dakota State Univ.
  • Scout for Aphids in Winter Wheat
  • Computer-Based Commercial Applicator Testing Now Available
  • Corn Grain Moisture Discount: Why and How Much?
  • Is Your SCN Management Intervention Working?
  • Sudden Death Syndrome Increasing in South Dakota Soybean Fields
  • The Basics of Flexible Cash Lease Arrangements
  • Corn Storage Costs
  • Checking Weed Control at Harvest
  • Phomopsis Stem Canker in Sunflowers
(12 Nov)
Ohio C.O.R.N. Newsletter
The Ohio State Univ.
  • Acceleron® Challenge – I lost This is the
  • Time to Give Your Sprayer Some TLC
  • Nutrient Management Plan Development Workshops Announced
  • Modified Relay Intercropping – Lessons from 2014
(10 Nov)
USDA Reports Provide Some Surprises, Particularly for Corn
Darrel Good, Univ. of Illinois
(7 Nov)
Nebraska Crop Watch Newsletter
Univ. of Nebraska.
(7 Nov)
Kansas Agronomy E-update
Kansas State Univ.
  • Grass control management in 2-gene Clearfield wheat
  • Current status of new herbicide-resistant crops
  • Fall musk thistle control
  • October weather summary for Kansas: Mellow month
(4 Nov)
Penn State Field Crop News
Penn. State Univ.
(3 Nov)
A Mixed Pace of Corn and Soybean Consumption
Darrel Good, Univ. of Illinois
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