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Let your feet do the walking!The Boiler Mazer Team

Such an a-maize-ing project doesn't happen by itself. Many people contributed towards the success of the Boiler Mazer and are hereby recognized.

Maze MastersMaze Master

The following individuals have contributed ideas and labor towards the design, construction, and maintenance of the Boiler Mazer, and have thus attained the exalted rank of Maze Masters:

Purdue Agronomy:
R.L. (Bob) Nielsen, Ben Southard, Keith Morris, Kenton Ross, Ignacio Colonna, Brenda Hofmann, Adam Brock, Dave Sorrells, Niki Fink, Gretchen Humphrey, Lisa Schumm, and Melanie Thom.
Purdue Ag. & Biological Engineering:
Sam Parsons, Dan Ess
Purdue Ag. Communications:
Dana Neary, Sharon Katz, Steve Leer
Purdue Ag. Centers:
Steve Hawkins, Jay Young
Purdue Purchasing Services:
Rick Bradley
Stonecipher Farms:
Jason Stonecipher (Purdue ag. alumnus, Vermillion County)
Wea Ridge Elementary School
Jackie Wilson
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Maze Media Wizardswizard

In recognition for their aid in recording and promoting the activities of the Boiler Mazer, the following individuals are hereby assigned the rank of Maze Media Wizard:

Purdue Ag. Communications:
Joan Crow, Tom Campbell, Beth Forbes, Olivia Maddox, and Mike Kerper (video & still photography)
Purdue News Service article
Rooster.com article
Purdue Ag News article
WLFI, TV-18, Lafayette:
Gina Quattrocchi, Brien Compton (television coverage)
WASK Radio, Lafayette:
Skip Davis (Radio coverage)
Indiana Prairie Farmer:
Tom Bechman (farm magazine coverage)
Story Link
Purdue Agronomy
Bill McFee, Craig Beyrouty, Charlie Roth, Erika Micheli (aerial photography)
Just a green ruler!
Golden Kernel Awards
Some folks have gone above and beyond the call of duty!
Just a green ruler!

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KingCorn.orgFor more information about corn, take a look at the Corn Growers Guidebook on the World Wide Web at http://www.kingcorn.org. For more information about corn mazes, check out the Corny Mazes section of KingCorn.org.

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