Corn Injury From 2,4-D and Exceed Herbicides

These photos are from a field in Pulaski County, Indiana, that had been sprayed with 2,4-D plus Exceed (prosulfuron + primisulfuron) plus soybean oil. The farmer had spot sprayed portions of the field where hemp dogbane was a problem. A few days after the spray application, drought-like leaf rolling developed in those areas that had been sprayed with the herbicides. Tom Jordan, Purdue Botany & Plant Pathology, attributed the leaf rolling to both herbicides. In addition, some plants near the end of the rows (where the sprayer slowed down) exhibited the fused root symptom that can be caused by 2,4-D.

Fig. 1, View of sprayer pattern.

Fig. 2, View of rolled and normal leaves.

Fig. 3, View of herbicide effect on hemp dogbane.

Fig. 4, View of fused roots of corn.

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