Last updated 20 September 1999.

Indiana Corn Crop Condition - 1999

R.L. (Bob) Nielsen
Agronomy Department, Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907-1150
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Indiana's corn crop has experienced dry weather stress in certain areas of the state and crop condition ratings have declined since early July. The accompanying chart illustrates the estimated condition of the 1999 Indiana corn crop compared with that of the 1998 (average year), 1997 (dry mid-summer) and 1991 (severe dry mid-summer) crops, as published by the Indiana Agricultural Statistics Service.

The relationship between crop condition ratings and final grain yields is not perfect, but nonetheless offers some idea of what to expect on a statewide basis. The second graph that follows illustrates the relationship between crop condition (percent good and excellent) and departure from trend yield for mid-July, mid-Aug and the mid-July+mid-August mean ratings for the years 1984 through 1998.

Based on these relationships, the average crop condition rating calculated from the mid-July and mid-August ratings for Indiana (44.5% good to excellent) would suggest that statewide yield will be about 10 percent less than the calculated 1999 trend yield of 135 bushels per acre, or about 121.5 bushels per acre. The September crop yield estimate for Indiana corn production (Indiana Ag. Statistics Service) was pegged at 128 bushels per acre.

Indiana corn crop condition - 1999

Corn condition vs yield departure

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