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Soils Team


Soils Team

Purdue Soils Team

Members of the team get to travel throughout the USA, including New York, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Tennessee, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Arizona, and California just to name a few. The opportunity to evaluate soils in many parts of the US gives our members a diversified background in soils that many professional soil consultants do not have.

You do not have to be an Agronomy major, or even a student in the College of Agriculture to join the Soil's Team. We have had students studying Food Science, Engineering, Education, and Veterinary Medicine as members of our team. Though many of our members have judging soils on the High School level, this is not necessary. We have had students place in the Top 5 on the National level who began soil judging with the Purdue Team.

Soil Judging is offered both in the Fall semester and the Spring semester at the West Lafayette campus. It is listed as AGRY 155: Introduction to Soil Morphology during the Fall semester. You will have to tell your Academic Advisor you are interested and want to enroll in this class. In the Spring of 2008, it will be listed as AGRY 598: Soils of Rhode Island and AGRY 598: Soils of Central Texas. You receive credit every semester you participate. Depending on your major, these credits can count as Agriculture electives, Agronomy electives, free electives, or Lab Science credits.

Members of the Team enjoy a camaraderie with other classmates that often last well into their professional careers. Soil Judging is a hands-on, practical learning class that directly applies what is learned in class to real world applications.


If you have any questions about Soil Judging or the Purdue Soils Team, please contact us.

Dr. Gary Steinhardt; Head Coach

Kristi Linvill; Assistant Coach



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