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For more information, see the interesting article "The Origin and Development of the Source Clays Program" contributed by William F. Moll

By the early 1970's the need for sources of homogeneous clay samples had become apparent to researchers. Natural deposits are so variable that data generated by different investigators working at the same outcrop often cannot be compared with confidence. Thus the Clay Minerals Society set up the Source Clays Project.

The Society's Source Clay Repository offers two series of materials, the Source Clays and the Special Clays.

The Source Clays are derived from large, reasonably homogenized stocks. Thus, over the years, data on these reference materials can be compared. The samples have been carefully selected from the source deposits by professionals to minimize in situ variations. Because any beneficiation technique can bring about changes in properties, pre-treatment usually involves only low-temperature, steam-fired tray drying, and imp or Raymond mill pulverization. Each original sample consisted of one metric ton.

The Special Clays are rare but of great theoretical interest. No attempt has been made to homogenize or beneficiate them.

Data on the CMS Source Clays are available in the October (2001) issue of Clays and Clay Minerals, Volume 49, Number 5, pages 371-453.

A list of the available Source Clays can be found at:


A list of the available Special Clays can be found at:


A bibliography of literature pertaining to the source clays may be obtained from:


Physical/chemical data for the Source Clays may be obtained at:


Materials Safety Data Sheets for the Source Clays may be obtained at:



The following Source Clays are completely depleted.


  • CorWa-1 Corrensite, Packwood, Washington (Ohanapecosh Form.) Altered Eocene tuff, containing 25-50% corrensite; quartz and plagioclase impurities separable by wet sedimentation. Need new supplier.
  • NG-1 Nontronite, Hohen Hagen, Germany, Nontronite-cemented sand (15-20% nontronite), easily separated by wet sedimentation (Char. by Schneiderhoehn, Tschermaks Min. u. Pet. Mitt., 10, 385-399, 1965). Need new supplier.
  • SepNev-1 Sepiolite, Two Crows, Nevada (pub. ref Clays and Clay Minerals, v. 26, p. 58-64, 1978). Need new supplier.
  • VTx-1 Vermiculite, Llano, Texas, USA, a mixture of magnesite, phlogopite, and vermiculite. The vermiculite can be separated by hand picking. Plans made to replace.

Ordering Information

The prices for Source and Special Clays include Ground UPS within the continental United States. Air postage and Internation Shipping charges are additional. Please contact G.S. Premachandra at (voice 765 494 4258 or FAX 765 496 2926 ) for more information about these charges.

The clays offered by the Source Clays Project change frequently because of new acquisitions and depletion of old supplies. The Source Clays Project is always grateful for new acquisitions, particularly of clays that have become depleted. If you are able to provide access to a new source of source or special clays, please contact the curator

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