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The following links represent the primary Extension Web sites at Purdue, and several outside of Purdue, that focus on field crop production issues.

Crop-Specific information

Corn Management Information
Information about corn growth & development and corn production practices.
Crop Performance Program
Home for Purdue's variety trial results for corn and soybean.
Forage Information
Home for Purdue's Web site for all things forage.
Midwest Cover Crops Council
Information about cover crops relevant for crop production in the Great Lakes and Mississippi river basins.
Small Grain Management Information
Information about management of wheat and other small grains from Purdue and elsewhere.
Soybean Management Information
Information about soybean management from Purdue and elsewhere.

General information

Center for Commercial Agriculture
Based in Purdue's Ag. Economics Dept., the Center offers information and resources for all aspects of commercial farm management.
Crop Management Information for Challenging Harvest Conditions
A compilation of links to articles especially relevant to growing seasons with late maturity, high moisture grain, and grain disease concerns.
Crop Management Information for Drought-Damaged Field Crops
A compilation of links to articles that address crop management issues related to drought stress, gleaned from landgrant universities throughout the country.
Crop Management Information for Flood-Damaged Field Crops
A compilation of links to articles that address crop management issues related to crop damage from flooding or ponding, gleaned from landgrant universities throughout the country.
Crop Management Information for Late Planting Situations
A compilation of links to articles that address issues related to late or delayed planting of corn and soybean, gleaned from landgrant universities throughout the Midwest.
Michigan / Indiana Irrigation Resources
Information and resources relative to crop irrigation in Michigan and Indiana. Cooperative effort between Michigan State Univ. Extension and Purdue Univ. Extension.
Purdue Corn Method
Techniques compiled by Purdue Horticulturalists for optimizing corn production in greenhouses and growth chambers.
Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition for Field Crops
Information that helps farmers and their advisors manage soil nutrients in agricultural systems.

Pest-Related information

Field Crops IPM
Home for Purdue's IPM-based information on insects, diseases, and weeds.
Handy Bt Trait Table
Originally developed by Extension specialists at Michigan State Univ and the Univ of Wisconsin, this handy table offers descriptions of the many different "flavors" of Bt-trait hybrids available in the marketplace today.
Insect Refuge Calculator
Hosted by the National Corn Growers Association, this downloadable calculator helps growers calculate and visualize the IRM acres required for different "flavors" of Bt-trait corn hybrids.
Plant Pathology
Home for Purdue's Field Crop Pathology Program.
Weed Science
Home for Purdue's Weed Science Program
Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management
A non-profit, grant funded site that provides research-based information on how to responsibly handle wildlife damage problems. Participating institutions are Univ. of Nebraska, Cornell Univ., Utah State Univ., and Clemson Univ.

Services and programs

Crop Diagnostic Training & Research Center
Home for the nation's premier "hands-on" field crop diagnostic training facility.
Home page for DriftWatch® for specialty crop producers, BeeCheck® for beekeepers, CropCheck® for row crop growers, and FieldCheck® for pesticide applicators.
Indiana State Climate Office
The Indiana State Climate Office is the state archive of official daily and hourly weather observations recorded throughout Indiana.
Office of Indiana State Chemist
The Indiana State Chemist is charged with administering several agricultural laws, involving seeds, fertilizer, animal feeds and pesticides.
Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory
The Purdue University Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory is a central facility for receiving both physical samples and digital images submitted for identification of insects, plants and plant diseases or diagnosis of plant and pest problems.
Post Harvest Grain Quality & Stored Product Protection Program
The name says it all.
Purdue Agricultural Research Centers
Eight regional research facilities that represent the range of diversity in soils, landscape, and climate around Indiana.
Purdue Pesticide Program
The mission of the PPP is to implement pesticide education outreach programs directed at pesticide user groups and the general public.

Timely crop management information

Chat 'n Chew Cafe
Timely and timeless agronomic information plus educational events from around the Midwest.
Purdue Pest & Crop Newsletter
Timely information about pests and crops written by Purdue field crops Extension specialists.