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Grain Markets and Outlooks

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The Chat 'n Chew Cafe was developed in 1995 by RL (Bob) Nielsen, Purdue University Extension Specialist, as an online source of timely agronomic information for major field crops grown in Indiana and throughout the Midwest. The Cafe was recently renovated using a more modern CSS framework, based on the open-source W3.CSS stylesheet language, available at http://www.w3schools.com/w3css If your browser has any problems displaying these renovated pages or if you have any other comments / concerns about this Web site, please contact me at rnielsen@purdue One quirk I am aware of on tablet or smartphone displays is that these dropdown menus do not automatically disappear when you press elsewhere on the screen. I am looking for a solution for this.

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Grain Markets

CME Group Commodity Products
Grain markets and news. (Formerly Chicago Board of Trade & Kansas City Board of Trade)
Minneapolis Grain Exchange
Futures and options contracts in hard red spring wheat, Hard Winter Wheat Index (HWI), National Corn Index (NCI) and National Soybean Index (NSI).


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