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Art, Songs, Stories, Legends, & Poetry About Corn

Corn was an integral component of many native cultures in the Americas and remains a fascination for many people today.

Cover of Sam Stall bookCorn Country: Celebrating Indiana's Favorite Crop
A "coffee-table" book about the King of Indiana's row-crop agriculture.
By Sam Stall w/ photographs by Darryl Jones.
Published by Guild Press Emmis Publishing.
Available online at Barnes and Noble Bookstore or
Lore & History of Maize in Latin America
From MYTH*ING LINKS, an Annotated & Illustrated Collection of Worldwide Links to Mythologies, Fairy Tales & Folklore, Sacred Arts & Sacred Traditions by Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D.
Joy in the Corn Belt
A poem by C. L. Edson
Corn Crystallites
"Aztec farmers believed that maize, a form of corn, contained many spirits. The most important of these is thought to be the god Cinteotl (Sin-tay-otl). Ceremonies were held to worship the many forms of Cinteotl from the planting stage through to the harvest. The photomicrograph illustrates crystallites from an extract of whole corn."
NativeTech: Native American Technology and Art
Native American History of Corn
Indian Corn
About Cornhusk Dolls
Story of the Cornhusk Dolls
Instructions for Cornhusk Dolls
How to Make a Twined Cornhusk Bottle
Twined Cornhusk Bottles
Cornhusk Bottles ~ Story of the Seven Thunders
Cornhusk Wheel & Corncob Dart Game
Why There Are No Images of Cornhusk Masks
Bibliographic References for Cornhusks
Cornhusk Wheel & Dart Game image from Waaban Aki Crafting.
Indian Corn of the AmericasIndian Corn of the Americas
This popular poster illustrates the genetic diversity of the Americas' native crop. Below are a few Web sites where you can order this beautiful tribute to maize.
Barewalls Art Prints and Posters
Gourmet, Mushroom & Health Products
Ten Speed Press (1)
Ten Speed Press (2)
Alternatively, you can search through Google.
More Corny Posters
And More Corny Posters!
Search for "corn" at this site.
The Corn Field
©1998 Joel Day. A nice collection of corn-related photos.
Corn Festival Electronic Greeting Cards
Macromedia Flash enabled postcards to send to your corny friends!
Arts/Crafts Available From Southwest Decoratives...

Good books for kids about the influence of corn in early American cultures...

People of Corn - A Mayan Story
A tale first recorded in the Mayan Popol Vuh and retold by Mary-Joan Gerson. Published by Little Brown & Co.
Available online from
Corn Is Maize : The Gift of the Indians
By Aliki. Published by Trophy Press.
Available online from
Runner in the Sun: A Story of Indian Maize
By D'Arcy McNickle. Published by Univ of New Mexico Press.
Available online at
People of the Short Blue Corn: Tales and Legends of the Hopi Indians.
By Harold Courlander. Published by Henry Holt & Co.
Used copies available online at Barnes &

Historical Corny Photos
Detroit Publishing Company, 1880-1920
Farm Security Administration and the Office of War Information, ca. 1938-1944
Washington as It Was: Photographs by Theodor Horydczak, 1923-1959
History of the American West, 1860-1920: Photographs from the Collection of the Denver Public Library
Solomon Butcher

Stories from the Indigenous Peoples' Literature
An Address to Mother Corn
The Green Corn Festival
First People and the First Corn
The Corn Ceremony
Father of Indian Corn
How Corn Came to Earth
The Origin of Game and of Corn (Cherokee)
The Strange Origin of Corn (Abenaki)
More stories from the beliefs of Native American peoples.
Big Long Man's Corn Patch
Corn Mother
The First to Know Maize
Choctaw Corn Legend
The Origin of Corn (Creek)
The Orphan and the Origin of Corn (Creek)
The Orphan and the Origin of Corn II (Creek)
The Orphan and the Origin of Corn III (Creek)
Corn Mother (Penobscot)
The Origin of Corn (Jicarilla Apache)
The Pheasant Beating Corn (Cherokee)
Father of Indian Corn (Ojibwe)
Turkey Makes the Corn and Coyote Plants It (White Mountain Apache)
The Hermit, or the Gift of Corn (Sioux)
The Forgotten Ear of Corn (Lakota)
The Signs of Corn (Lakota)
The Gift of Corn (Lakota)
The Revenge of Blue Corn Ear Maiden (Hopi)
Corn Maidens (Zuni)
The Search for the Corn Maidens (Zuni)
Visit a Nebraska Corn Field
A Third Grade Field Trip. Dodge Elementary School, Grand Island, Nebraska. "Join our third grade class as they visit their teacher's family farm. On the farm you'll see the equipment that helps the farmer to harvest the corn. Travel with the class as they take the corn to the grain elevator to be weighed and stored."
The Corn Mash Blues, lyrics for the song.
Walls of Corn, a poem by Ellen B. Atherton.