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Corny Classroom Resources

This page lists a number of sites around the U.S. that offer educational resources for teaching students about the King of American Crops.

A Year's Work Correlation Work With Corn
An interesting historical perspective of classroom ideas from 1915...
Agriculture in the Classroom
United States Dept of Agriculture
Among the resources at this site are...
  • Four Seasons of Corn: A Winnebago Tradition
  • From Kernel to Corn
  • Fun With Corn
  • In the Three Sisters Garden
  • T.C. Cobb and the Cornstalk Riddles
  • Those Amazing Kernels of Corn
  • The Three Sisters
  • What Makes Popcorn Pop?
  • Where Can You Find Corn After It Leaves the Field?
Corn Education Resources
Kentucky Corn Growers Association
Featuring Corn in the Classroom Online Curriculum for 4th and 5th grade students.
New Uses of Corn
Kentucky Corn Growers Association
Corn Products Guide
Kentucky Corn Growers Association
Corn in the Classroom
Ontario Corn Producers Association
Corn in the Classroom
National Corn Growers Association
"...a web-based curriculum that utilizes examples from the corn industry to teach kids mathematics, science, language arts, social studies and even music and art."
Educational Materials for Kansas Corn
Kansas Corn Growers' Association.
Popcorn for Educators
From Jolly Time Popcorn...
Popcorn Teaching Guide
Popcorn Institute
" interdisciplinary educational guide designed to introduce elementary school students (grades K-8) to popcorn and its many applications."
Popcorn Facts
Weaver Popcorn
Soybean Scene
Kansas State Univ.
Okay, so this is not a site about corn....... but, it is nonetheless a good site to learn about another agronomic crop important to the U.S. Midwest: Soybean.