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Stuff Made With Corn

A lot of everyday stuff is made from corn and its by-products. Here are just a few sites to give you an idea.

A Zillion Uses for Corn!
Products that use corn, compiled by the Grain Farmers of Ontario.
Unusual Uses For Corn Starch
Baby Corn Bunting
This link does not really belong in this category, but also did not fit anywhere else. This link offers instructions for knitting a crocheted baby bunting that is the shape of an ear of corn.
Bed-O'cobs® Laboratory Animal Bedding
"Upgrade your broom line with the highest quality corn brooms made. For routine or heavy-duty cleaning, these durable upright brooms are designed for long life and efficient sweeping. All brooms feature double-stitched, nylon cord bound fibers that are wire wrapped onto black handles."
Corn Broom
Made with "100% natural corn fibers"
Corn Product Guide
Kentucky Corn Growers Association
Corn Roasters West
"...roastin' up super sweet corn since 1987 and has excellent relationships with events all over the West Coast and with varied County and State fire departments."
Corn Thins
"CORN THINS are a healthy crisp bread snack made from popped corn using a delicious new recipe for maximum flavour and crunch."
FRITOS® brand Corn Chips
FRITOS® brand Corn Chips was the original snack chip produced by The Frito Company in 1932.
Garrett Popcorn Shops
Garrett Popcorn is known throughout the Chicago area as one of the tastiest snack foods & makes an excellent corporate gift.
Jolly Time Popcorn, The Good Time Poppin' Place!
The Web site for the American Pop Corn Company.
corncob pipeMissouri Meerschaum Corn Cob Pipes
Claims to be the world's oldest and largest manufacturer of Corn Cob Smoking Pipes.
NatureWorks® LLC
Using renewable sources like corn to replace petroleum-based sources for the manufacture of, among other things, clothing.
Pop'n Mama Organic Kettle Corn
"... crunchy, sweet popcorn was cooked in a giant kettle over an open flame."
Tamaya Blue Corn from the Pueblo of Santa Ana
Blue corn products from New Mexico.
The Big Popper
The Big Popper is a popcorn shop based in Branson, MO, with an online store that features unique flavors of popcorn including jalapeno, cinnamon and Ozark mix.