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Corny Tools of the Trade

A potpourri of tools, machines, and gadgets used with corn

Info About Corn as a Home Heating Fuel

Burning Shelled Corn as Fuel
Pennsylvania State University.
Probably the most comprehensive source of information about this alternative heating fuel.
Burning Shelled Corn as a Heating Fuel
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Corn as a Non-Ethanol Fuel
Univ. of Illinois
Burning Shelled Corn to Produce Heat Energy
Univ. of Minnesota

Corn-Based Home Heating Systems

Alternative Heating Systems
Gas, wood, corn, and pellet stoves and fireplaces.
Amaizablaze Corn Stoves
Cookeville, Tennessee
Countryside Corn / Wood Pellet Stove
American Energy Systems, Inc.
Dansons Glowboy Corn Pellet Stoves
Alberta, CANADA
Dell-Point Stoves
Earth Sense Energy Systems
Claims to be the Midwest's largest dealer of pellet and corn stoves and furnaces.
Envirotec Corn Stoves
London, Ontario, Canada
Golden Grain Corn Stove
Sterling, Colorado
Grain Stoves Inc.
Burn wheat, rye and corn grain.
Harman Stove Company
Halifax, Pennsylvania
Maryland Corn Stoves
Corn stoves from companies like Amaizablaze, Harman and Bixby.
Rural Energy Products
Located in Van Wert, OH, Rural Energy Products sells corn/biomass heating stoves, corn/biomass heating furnaces, and corn/biomass heating boilers.

Corn Roasters

Belson Corn and Potato Roaster
"Designed to roast corn, potatoes, chicken, roasts, fish and vegetables."
Mobile Grills, Inc.
" catering grills built in the USA."
Texas Corn Roasters
Claim to be able to "...cook up to 600 ears of corn per hour."
The Original Corn Roast Machine
Claims to be "the 'cadillac' of corn roasters."

Popcorn Machines

Cretors Popcorn Machines
A leading manufacturer of popcorn production and concession equipment for over 100 years.
Snappy Popcorn Popping Machines
Weiner Popcorn Machines
Manufacturers of commercial grade popcorn poppers.

Huskers & Shellers

Bourgoin Stationary Corn Sheller
Manufactured in France.
Bourgoin Stationary Corn Husker
Manufactured in France and promoted for use by seed corn producing companies.
Bourgoin Bamba Tropical Sheller
Manufactured in France and promoted for use in the tropics for shelling african millet, sorghum, maize, cow pea, bean, rice and wheat.
Ear Corn Sheller
Powered by electric motor or gas engine, distributed by Seedburo Equipment, manufactured by Almaco.
Grinders and Shellers at Stromberg's
Hand-operated or powered devices.
Hand-Held Corn Shellers
A brief essay from the American Artifacts Web site on early American corn shelling inventions, with links to photos and descriptions of the many varied versions of this venerable corn tool.
Hand-Operated Corn Sheller
From Gempler's
Rocky Top Corn Mill and Sheller
Hand-operated equipment.
Tabletop-Mounted Corn Sheller
From Routhiau Outillage, a French hardware retail store relying on 140 years expertise in manually forged tools.


Lee's Corn Cutter
"... cuts, shreds and scrapes grains of corn off ears..."