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Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition

American Phytopathological Society Press

Nutrient Deficiencies and Toxicities of Plants
American Phytopathological Society Press
This reference can be ordered on-line.
"This book discusses the role of essential nutrients in relation to nearly two dozen crops. Use the book's 307 color photographs to diagnose disorders in the field. The accompanying text explains symptoms in detail, with information provided by 31 crop experts. Covers the following crops/crop groups: peanuts, corn, rice, sorghum, wheat and other small grains, sugarcane, sugar beet, soybeans, cotton, cucurbits, onions, tomato, common bean, potato, apples and pears, citrus, peaches and nectarines, grapes, and turfgrass."

Miscellaneous Sources

International Plant Nutrition Institute
The spreadsheet PKalc v1.13 is an interactive tool that allows you to keep track of historical nutrient additions and removals for a field or field area.

NCR-103 Committee on Nontraditional Soil Amendments and Growth Stimulants

Nonconventional Soil Additives
Products, Companies, Ingredients, and Claims


Iowa State Soil Fertility Web Site
Includes a photo gallery of nutrient deficiency symptoms.


Soil Fertility and Nutrient Management
Kansas State Univ.


Soil Management
Univ. of Nebraska


Univ. of Wisconsin Soil Science Extension Web Site