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Pesticide Labels

CDMS Labels & MSDS
Online database for over 70 manufacturers.
Crop Protection Reference "Greenbook"
Online version of popular pesticide reference.


Purdue Field Crops IPM
Purdue Univ.
Web site for Purdue's Field Crops IPM Program, featuring pest management information about corn, soybean, alfalfa, and small grains pests (insects, nematodes, diseases, weeds, and vertebrate). Most of the pest information presented at this site comes from the Purdue Field Crops Pest Management Manual (IPM-1).
Purdue Nematology
Purdue Univ.
Web site for Purdue's Nematology research and Extension group.
Corn Insect Control Recommendations
Purdue Univ.
Latest recommendations for insecticidal control of major corn insect pests.

Entomological Society of America

Handbook of Corn Insect Pests
Edited by K. Steffey, M. Rice, J. All, D. Andow, J. Van Duyn, & M. Gray, Published by the Entomological Society of America
"This comprehensive handbook provides growers with information on preventing, detecting, and controlling insect pests in corn. With contributions from 37 entomologists who are experts in corn insect pests, the handbook includes the latest techniques in corn pest management. It also features color photos of insects and insect injury, distribution maps, illustrated growth charts, a glossary, sources of local information, and an important section on biological control. Approx 200 pp. 1998"
This reference is among several listed at the above Web site.


IPM Images
Univ. of Georgia
The overall objective of is to provide an accessible and easily used archive of high quality images related to agriculture and pest management, with particular emphasis on educational applications.


Illinois Integrated Pest Management
Univ. of Illinois
The University of Illinois Integrated Pest Management web site contains information designed to inform and encourage the adoption of IPM practices in field crops.

Iowa State Univ.

Iowa State Univ. Entomology Image Gallery
Iowa State Univ.
Video clips and images of cicadas, ticks, beetles and more!
The Corn Rootworm Home Page
Iowa State Univ.
This site is intended to serve as a central reference point for information about the Corn Rootworm Beetle in the midwestern United States.
The European Corn Borer Home Page
Iowa State Univ.
This site is intended to serve as a central reference point for information about the European Corn Borer in the midwestern United States.


Maize Insect Pests in North America
A chapter from Radcliffe's IPM World Textbook, a project co-sponsored by the University of Minnesota and the Consortium for International Crop Protection (CICP)


Missouri Pest Management Guidelines
Univ. of Missouri
Corn Insect Pests: A Diagnostic Guide
Univ. of Missouri & Univ. of Illinois
This densely illustrated, color publication aids in the identification of more than 20 of the most important insect pests in corn in the north-central United States.
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