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Pesticide References

CD-ROM media Signifies that the source is distributed on a CD-ROM.

Pesticide Labels

Agrian Label Lookup
Online database with 5,300 products indexed and 215 participating manufacturers.
CDMS Labels & MSDS
Online database for over 70 manufacturers.
Crop Protection Reference "Greenbook"
Online version of popular pesticide reference.
Compendium of Herbicide Adjuvants
Southern Illinois Univ.


Purdue University Pesticide Programs
The Purdue Pesticide Programs mission encompasses implementation of pesticide education outreach programs directed at pesticide user groups and the general public.

Popcorn Board

Popcorn Agri-Chemical Handbook
The Popcorn Board developed this Agri-Chemical Handbook to help everyone in the popcorn industry remain informed about the status of pesticide products that are registered for use on popcorn or in popcorn storage facilities.