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CD-ROM media Signifies that the source is distributed on a CD-ROM.

Miscellaneous Sources

Common Weeds of the Great Plains
Interactive Encyclopedia of North American Weeds
Southern Weed Science Society
Weed Identification Guide
BASF - U.S. Ag Products
Weeds of the NorthCentral States (NCR-281)
Univ. of Illinois

Pesticide Labels

CDMS Labels & MSDS
Online database for over 70 manufacturers.
Crop Protection Reference "Greenbook"
Online version of popular pesticide reference.


Purdue Weed Science
Purdue Univ.
Web site for Purdue's Weed Science program.
Purdue Field Crops IPM
Purdue Univ.
Web site for Purdue's Field Crops IPM Program, featuring pest management information about corn, soybean, alfalfa, and small grains pests (insects, nematodes, diseases, weeds, and vertebrate).
Indiana Select-A-Herb
Purdue Univ.
This web tool provides herbicide response ratings for weeds/plants and is designed to list herbicides by effectiveness rating that control or suppress specific weeds in different crop categories.
CD-ROM mediaBroadleaf Weed Seedling Identification
Purdue Univ.
This multimedia CD program covers 57 broadleaf weed species.


Illinois Weed Science
Univ. of Illinois
IPM Weed Resources
Univ. of Illinois IPM Program


Iowa State Weed Science
Iowa State Univ.
An excellent site for useful and timely information on weeds and herbicides.


Kentucky Weed Science
Univ. of Kentucky


Common Weed Seedlings of Michigan
Michigan State Univ.


Applied Weed Science Research
Univ. of Minnesota
Annual Broadleaf and Grass Weed Seedling Identification Keys
Univ. of Minnesota
Annual Broadleaf Weed Seedling Identification
Univ. of Minnesota
Annual Grass and Perennial Weed Identification
Univ. of Minnesota
CD-ROM mediaHerbicide Mode of Action CD-ROM
Univ. of Minnesota
This reference can be ordered on-line.
Herbicide Resistant Weeds
Univ. of Minnesota
Weed Seedling Photo Collection
Univ. of Minnesota


Missouri Weed Science
Univ. of Missouri
Missouri Weed ID Guide
Univ. of Missouri
Missouri Herbicide Injury Guide
Univ. of Missouri
Missouri Pest Management Guidelines
Univ. of Missouri


Nebraska Weed Science
Univ. of Nebraska
Weeds of the Great Plains
Univ. of Nebraska & Nebraska Dept. of Agriculture
This link is to the form for ordering this reference.

New Jersey

New Jersey Agricultural Weed Gallery
Rutgers Cooperative Extension


Agronomic Weed Science at Ohio State
Ohio State Univ.


Wisconsin Weed Science
Univ. of Wisconsin
Herbicide Mode of Action Reference
Univ. of Wisconsin


Weed Identification Guide
Virginia Tech & Virginia Cooperative Extension