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Purdue University is Indiana's land grant institution, serving Indiana agriculture through research and education. This directory lists those staff members in the College of Agriculture who are "out standing in their field" when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of producing and marketing that All-American Crop that we call corn.

Agricultural Economics
Farm management
Financial management
Crop economics
Machinery economics
Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Agricultural computing
Agricultural equipment
Grain drying
Grain harvest
Grain storage
Precision farming
Water quality
Plant breeding & genetics
Plant physiology
Crop management
Soil fertility
Soil management & tillage
Variety testing
Water quality
Animal Sciences
Beef management
Dairy management
Swine management
Poultry management
Silage management
Botany and Plant Pathology
Disease management
Disease diagnostics
Weed management
Weed diagnostics
Herbicide selection
Herbicide injury
Insect management
Insect diagnostics
Insecticide selection
IPM strategies
Nematode management
Food Science
Carbohydrate chemistry
Industrial uses
Protein chemistry
Starch chemistry