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Prior years

November 2007

(21 Nov)
Kentucky Pest News
Univ. of Kentucky.
  • Bt Corn and Interpreting Yield Results in 2008
(20 Nov)
Ohio C.O.R.N. Newsletter
The Ohio State Univ.
  • Ohio Corn Performance Trials Available On-line
  • Update on Spraying Aphids for Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus
  • Western Corn Rootworms in Soybeans-Final Summary
  • Central Ohio Agronomy Day
  • Brown and Yellow Discoloration of Wheat Plants
  • Upcoming Agronomy Programs
(19 Nov)
Crop Markets to Remain Unsettled
Darrel Good, Univ. of Illinois
(18 Nov)
Nebraska Crop Watch Newsletter
Univ. of Nebraska.
  • The Phosphorus Index: New Developments and Issues
  • Considerations for the Harvest of Corn Stover
  • What Defines a "Killing Freeze" in Alfalfa?
  • Control Winter Annual Weeds in Alfalfa Now
  • Avoiding Grain Loss When Grazing Wheat
(18 Nov)
Iowa Integrated Crop Management Newsletter
Iowa State Univ.
  • Don't double dip soybean
  • A new take on soil sampling fields for SCN
  • Hay is a valuable commodity.
  • Save money by limiting storage and feeding waste!
  • Results of SCN-resistant soybean variety testing become available
(18 Nov)
Wisconsin Crop Manager Newsletter PDF-formatted document
Univ. of Wisconsin
  • Manage traffic on wet soils to limit compaction
  • Giant Ragweed Competition for Nitrogen in Corn
(15 Nov)
Purdue Pest & Crop Newsletter
Purdue Univ.
  • Rootworm control Options, 2007 Efficacy Results
  • Is Bt Corn Harmful to the Aquatic Environment?
  • Nematode Update: Winter Annuals and Management of Soybean Cyst Nematode
  • Nematode Update: Soybean Producers, Harvest is Over, Do You Know Where Your Nematodes Are?
  • Post Harvest Training and Recertification Workshop
  • Crop Management Workshop
  • Mitigate the Downside Rists of Corn Following Corn
(15 Nov)
Nematodes worming free of common soybean resistance
Purdue/Ohio State AgAnswers
(15 Nov)
Missouri Integrated Pest & Crop Management Newsletter PDF-formatted document
Univ. of Missouri
  • The Benefits of Delaying Fall Anhydrous Applications
  • Stand Problems in Winter Wheat
  • Corn and Soybean Planting Decisions
  • Cleaning, Storing, Winterizing and Protecting Your Investment
  • White Grubs Damage Wheat and Grass Plantings
(12 Nov)
Crop Market Fundamental Still Unfolding
Darrel Good, Univ. of Illinois
(Minor revisions, 11 Nov)
Mitigate the Downside Risks of Corn Following Corn
Bob Nielsen, Bill Johnson, Christian Krupke, & Greg Shaner; Purdue Univ.
(9 Nov)
the Bulletin:
Pest mgmt & crop developmt information for Illinois
Univ. of Illinois
  • Register Now for the 2008 Illinois Crop Protection Technology Conference
  • Announcing the 2008 University of Illinois Corn & Soybean Classics
  • Is the European Corn Borer an Endangered Species?
  • Suction Traps Have Captured Very Low Numbers of Soybean Aphids This Fall
(6 Nov)
Ohio C.O.R.N. Newsletter
The Ohio State Univ.
  • Short Soybean Plants and Big Yields
  • Watch Out for Mold in Stored Grain
  • Mitigate the Downside Risks of Corn Following Corn
(5 Nov)
New Highs for Soybean Prices
Darrel Good, Univ. of Illinois
(3 Nov)
Penn State Field Crop News
Penn. State Univ.
  • Reducing the Potential of Prussic Acid Poisoning
  • Liming No—till
  • Moldy Ears of Corn
  • Kochia, a New Weed to Watch
  • Can Alfalfa be Harvested Yet This Fall?
  • Hibernating Your Field Crop Sprayer

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