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Let your feet do the walking!The Boiler Mazer DesignThe Boilermaker Special

Version 1 of the Maze Design

The first image below was the original version of the Boiler Mazer design! The major part of the maze was tailored after the well-known emblem of Purdue University, the Boilermaker Special. The Farm Progress Company logo was added to the west side (left) of the maze in recognition of the fact that the maze is being constructed for use during the Farm Progress Show. The maze design was developed by Sharon Katz, graphics designer in Purdue's Agricultural Communications Department.

Dimensions = 600 x 363 feet
The Boiler Mazer Design!
Original design by Sharon Katz, Purdue Ag. Comm. Services Dept.

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Version 2 of the Maze Design

The second version of the maze design below includes edits to the design made the day we marked the design on the field. The 'PURDUE' part of the maze was changed from the originally intended letters constructed from corn plants and a bare soil background to a 'corny' background with the letters cut out of the corn plants. This change was made because of our paranoia that 'corny' letters would be very susceptible to wind damage throughout the season and may end up flat on the ground by late September. Another edit made to the original design was to close off a potential exit into the 'PURDUE' letters and connect the east/west trail at that point.

Dimensions = 600 x 363 feet
Maze design
Version 2 of maze design by Sharon Katz, Purdue Ag. Comm. Services Dept.

Just a green ruler!

How accurately did we layout the design?

On Tuesday 29 May, two of us walked the entire maze as it had been marked out on the field surface a number of days earlier. Using DGPS receivers (Trimble Ag132™ + OmniStar differential service) and field mapping software (StarPal HGIS™ and FarmWorks Site Mate™), we left virtual 'breadcrumb' trails and essentially re-drew the design as we walked the maze. Considering the multiple opportunities for positional errors during the maze layout and walking, we felt pretty good with the resulting 'as is' map of the Boiler Mazer!

The 'Breadcrumb Trail' version of the Boiler Mazer!
GPS line drawing of maze
Design recorded by GPS field mapping software, 5/29/01

The maze design was cut into the standing corn on Tuesday, 19 June by a crack team of maze mowing specialists. The aerial image below was taken late that morning as the maze mowing was near completion. The more faint area of corn near the wheels of the is an area of lighter soil where the corn is simply not growing as well as in darker soils at the site.

Aerial view of the Boiler Mazer!, 7/11/01
Aerial 7/11/01

Just a green ruler!

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