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Nielsen's CNN Articles - 2012

R.L. (Bob) Nielsen
Agronomy Dept., Purdue Univ.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054
Email address: rnielsen at
  1. Kernel Red Streak in Corn (Sep)
  2. Interpreting Corn Hybrid Maturity Ratings (Sep)
  3. Premature Corn Kernel Sprouting (aka Vivipary) (Sep)
  4. Short Husks & Exposed Ears (Aug)
  5. Late-Season Hail Damage to Corn (Aug)
  6. Test Weight Issues in Corn (Aug)
  7. Historical Corn Grain Yields for Indiana and the U.S. (Aug)
  8. Premature Ear Declination in Corn (Aug)
  9. Opportunities to Assess Yield Potential of Drought-Stressed Corn (July)
  10. Life on the Edge: The Irrigated Corn Interface During Drought (July) (YouTube video)
  11. Corn Kernel Abortion After Pollination (July) (YouTube video)
  12. Decapitation of Corn Plants by Deer (July)
  13. Million Dollar Rain for Some Fields; Not All (July)
  14. Recovery From Hail Damage to Young Corn (July)
  15. Ear Shake Test to Determine Corn Pollination Progress (June) (YouTube video)
  16. Drought During Corn Pollination (June) (YouTube video)
  17. Hot & Dry: Stress on the corn crop escalates (June)
  18. Next Big Hurdle: Pollen Shed and Silking (June)
  19. A Fast & Accurate Pregnancy Test for Corn (June)
  20. Hot & Dry; More of the Same Not Good for Corn Yield (May)
  21. Hot & Dry: Toll on Young Corn Plants? (May)
  22. Corn Replant Decisions (May)
  23. A Recipe for Crappy Stands of Corn (May)
  24. Prevalent Purple Plants Perennially Puzzle Producers (May)
  25. Corkscrewed Mesocotyls & Failed Corn Emergence (May)
  26. Effects of Flooding or Ponding on Young Corn (May)
  27. Early-Planted Corn Developing Slowly (Apr)
  28. Early Planted Corn & Cold Weather (Apr)
  29. Seeding Depth Considerations for Corn (Apr)
  30. Nitrogen Management Guidelines for Indiana (Mar)
  31. Thoughts on Seeding Rates for Corn (Feb)
  32. Corn Management for Extreme Conditions (Jan)