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Nielsen's CNN Articles - 1995

R.L. (Bob) Nielsen
Agronomy Dept., Purdue Univ.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054
Email address: rnielsen at
  1. Approximate Safe Hybrid Maturities For Delayed Planting
  2. Scout Corn Fields for Stalk Rot Development
  3. Effects of Early Frost on Immature Corn
  4. Corn Planting Date and Yield Potential
  5. Incomplete Kernel Set in Yellow Dent Corn.
  6. Don't Let The Planter Hold Back Your Corn Yields.
  7. Delayed Corn Planting and Hybrid Maturity Switching
  8. Combine Yield Monitors, A Wonderful Tool, But.....
  9. Site Specific Seeding Rates for Corn
  10. More Thoughts on Switching to Earlier Maturing Hybrids as Planting is Delayed
  11. Repeated Above-Ground Injury is Hard on Young Corn Seedlings.
  12. Strategies for Managing Delayed Corn Planting.
  13. Consequences of Delayed Corn Planting.
  14. Early-Season Root Development in Corn.
  15. More Thoughts on Corn Root Development in 1995.
  16. Ear Size Determination in Corn.
  17. Grain Sorghum as an Alternative to Late-Planted Corn in Southern Indiana.
  18. Corn And The Ugly Duckling.
  19. Tall Corn, Short Corn, Green Corn, Yellow Corn.
  20. Rapid Growth Causes Twisted Growth in Corn.
  21. Leaf Rolling as an Indicator of Soil Compaction.
  22. Anhydrous Ammonia Injury as an Indicator of Soil Compaction.
  23. Growth Staging Methods for Corn.
  24. Assessing Hail Damage in Corn.
  25. Options for Hail-Damaged Corn Fields.
  26. Drought & Heat Stress Effects on Corn Pollination.
  27. SEX in the Corn Field: How's It Done?
  28. Fill 'er Up, Please!
  29. Effects of Stress During Grain Fill in Corn.
  30. A Pre-Harvest Yield Estimation Technique for Corn.
  31. Incomplete Kernel Set on Ears of Corn.
  32. Droopy Ears in Corn.
  33. Premature Plant Death in Corn.