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Nielsen's CNN Articles - 1996

R.L. (Bob) Nielsen
Agronomy Dept., Purdue Univ.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054
Email address: rnielsen at
  1. Purdue Frost Alert Meetings, 1996
  2. Herbicide Injury to Corn
  3. Don’t Let The Planter Hold Back Your Corn Yields
  4. Indiana's 1996 Corn Crop Progress in Review
  5. Indiana Corn Yield Since 1930 (as of 11/9/95)
  6. No-Till Corn Stand Establishment. I. Secrets for Success
  7. No-Till Corn Stand Establishment. II. What's Unique About No-Till?
  8. No-Till Corn Stand Establishment. III. Planting Date and Hybrid Selection
  9. No-Till Corn Stand Establishment. IV. Planter Gadgets
  10. The Mad Rush to Plant Corn
  11. Seed Size, Seed Quality, and Planter Adjustments
  12. Corn Germination: How It Happens
  13. Corn Emergence: How It's Done
  14. Timely Troubleshooting is Important
  15. Delayed Corn Planting and Hybrid Maturity Switching
  16. Toad Stranglers, Goose Drownders, and Corn Survival
  17. Biased Opinion on Corn Seeding Depth
  18. A Recipe for Crappy Stands of Corn
  19. Replanting Early-Planted Corn Fields
  20. More Thoughts on Switching to Earlier Maturing Hybrids as Planting is Delayed
  21. When the Weather Breaks.....
  22. Corn Yield Loss to Delayed Planting: Keep It In Perspective!
  23. Frost Damage to Corn
  24. Silver Leaf Symptom in Corn
  25. Grain Sorghum as an Alternative to Late-Planted Corn in Southern Indiana.
  26. Approximate Safe Hybrid Maturities For Delayed Planting
  27. Delayed Planting Management Ticklers
  28. MULE Damage is Back!
  29. Corn That's Every Color But Green
  30. Benefits of Cultivating Corn
  31. Early-Season Root Development in Corn
  32. More Thoughts on Stunted, Yellow or Purple Corn
  33. The Game's Over For Some Indiana Corn Planting
  34. Rapid Growth Causes Twisted Whorls in Corn
  35. Ear Size Determination in Corn
  36. Potential for Floppy Corn in Late-Planted Fields
  37. Don't Call Me A Sucker!
  38. Some of Those Corn Plants Are Thirsty!
  39. SEX in the Corn Field
  40. Drought & Heat Stress Effects on Corn Pollination
  41. Growth Staging Methods for Corn
  42. Assessing Hail Damage in Corn Prior to Tasseling
  43. Assessing Corn Pollination Success
  44. Grain Fill Stages in Corn
  45. Assessing Risk of Fall Frost Damage to Immature Corn
  46. Potential Yield Losses in Corn From Fall Frost Damage
  47. Incomplete Kernel Set in Corn
  48. Frost Fearmongering Update for Corn
  49. Still on a Collision Course With Fall Frost....
  50. Beer-Can Ear Syndrome in Corn
  51. Frost-Mongering Update for Corn as of September 9th.
  52. Frost-Mongering Update for Corn as of September 16th.
  53. Corn Beginning to Shut Down?
  54. Final Reminder to Spot Check Corn Fields.
  55. Grain Moisture Loss In The Field
  56. Another Example of Beer-Can Ears in Corn
  57. Thoughts on the 1996 Corn Harvest
  58. Indiana Corn Yield Since 1930 (8/12/96)
  59. Indiana Corn Yield Since 1930 (9/11/96)
  60. Indiana Corn Yield Since 1930 (10/11/96)
  61. Indiana Corn Yield Since 1930 (11/12/96)