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Nielsen's CNN Articles - 1998

R.L. (Bob) Nielsen
Agronomy Dept., Purdue Univ.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054
Email address: rnielsen at
  1. Don't Let El Niño Influence Your Corn Seeding Rate
  2. Site-Specific Management of Corn: Perennial versus Sporadic Yield Limiting Factors
  3. Consistent Variability: An Oxymoron or a Requirement for Precision Farming?
  4. Differences in Stalk Decomposition During the Off-Season
  5. A Recipe for Lousy-Yielding Corn
  6. Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Seen….
  7. Planter Issues Relative to Unusually Small Seed Corn
  8. The Planting Date Paradox
  9. A Primer on Hybrid Maturity Ratings
  10. Don't Pull the Trigger Yet on Hybrid Maturities
  11. A Primer on Corn Seedling Root Development
  12. Be Alert For Floppy Corn
  13. Keep an Eye on Those Corn Plants!
  14. Isn't It A-Maize-ing!
  15. Growth Staging Methods for Corn
  16. Assessing Hail Damage in Corn.
  17. Erotic Corn Fields
  18. Assessing Frost Damage to Young Corn
  19. Late Planting & Replanting Considerations for Southern Indiana
  20. Saturated Soils Taking Their Toll on Corn
  21. All I Want For Christmas Is…….
  22. Post-Flood Syndrome: Interesting Research
  23. Grain Fill Stages in Corn
  24. Effects of Stress During Grain Fill in Corn
  25. Bacterial Ear Rot in Flooded Corn
  26. What A MESS! (aka Multiple Ears on Single Ear Shank)
  27. Unusual Senescence in Corn: Another Thought