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Originally published May 2000, updated Apr 2010
URL: http://www.kingcorn.org/news/timeless/ColeoptileGallery.html

Coleoptile Appearance During Emergence

R.L. (Bob) Nielsen
Agronomy Dept., Purdue Univ.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2054
Email address: rnielsen at purdue.edu

The coleoptile is a rigid piece of plant tissue that encloses the first few leaves (or plumule) of the corn seedling as the mesocotyl elongates and "pushes" the coleoptile to the soil surface during the emergence process.

Click on image to open a larger version.

Closeup of corn coleoptile.Coleoptile
Coleoptile beginning to split.Coleoptile


Inner leaves 'teased' out of coleoptile.Coleoptile

Image #3.
Inner leaves 'teased' out of coleoptile.

Image #4.
View of kernel, mesocotyl, coleoptile and leaf emergence just below the soil surface.

Image #5.
Emergence of inner leaves through split tip of coleoptile.

Image #6.
Coleoptile tissue removed to reveal inner leaves of the plumule.

Image #7.
Successful emergence!

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