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Pasture and Forage Insect 
Identification Pictures 

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Alfalfa Weevil Aphids Blister Beetle
Alfalfa Weevil larva Pea aphids Striped Blister Beetle
Life cycle of Alfalfa Weevil Pea aphids on stem Margined blister beetle
Alfalfa Larva Armyworm Black blister beetle
Alfalfa Weevil Adult Armyworm larva- damaging stage Gray blister beetle
Pin hole damage by Alfalfa Weevil Armyworm larva with parasitic wasp larva- a natural control Green Cloverworm


Severe damage by Alfalfa Weevil Armyworm larva Green Cloverworm larva
Clover Root Curculio Grasshopper Japanese Beetle
Clover Root Curculio Grasshopper nymph Japanese Beetle on wild grape
Clover Root Curculio damaged root Adult Grasshopper Japanese Beetle on Apple
Ladybird Beetle Meadow Spittlebug Potato Leafhopper
Ladybug or Lady Bird Beetle Meadow Spittlebug Adult Potato Leafhopper
Lady beetle (bug) larva Adult Spittlebug Potato Leafhopper burn on Alfalfa
Spittlebug mass

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