Soil Fertility

Welcome to the Purdue University Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition web site initiated April 2007. My intention is to provide information that helps farmers and advisors manage nutrients in agricultural systems. Please visit the section titles ‘Practical Information and Extension Publications’ to see the topics and types of information that will be included.

Several Purdue faculty that teach, conduct research and deliver Extension programming in soil fertility and plant nutrition will be contributing to this web site. Their areas of specialization are listed under ‘Faculty’. Upcoming oral presentations on soil fertility and plant nutrition in Indiana and neighboring states will be listed in ‘Upcoming Events’.

If you are a potential graduate student interested in soil fertility and plant nutrition please visit Purdue Agronomy Degree Programs.

I encourage you to send any comments, suggestions, or questions to me, Jim Camberato at:

Phone: 765-496-9338

I look forward to hearing from you.


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