(12/20/07) Crop residues lose nutritional value with time, precipitation

Livestock producers utilizing crop residues to feed their animals need to be aware of the decline of nutritional value to the animals and the changing nutritional need of the animals being fed, said a Purdue University expert.


(11/20/07) Grazing management guide offers a lot to chew on

There's more to grazing livestock than just turning animals loose on acres of grass. Successful producers carefully plan where, when and how long their livestock feed themselves, and a Purdue University Extension publication shows the way.


11/15/07) Timely tips to help growers rejuvenate pastures

After this year's stress on perennial forage pastures, forage stands need to be evaluated.


(11/8/07) Beef producers should avoid surprises, inventory feed resources

Not all bales feed the same, and producers need to take that into consideration when feeding cattle, said a Purdue University expert.


(11/1/07)Forage shortage has potential to cause three year hit

Last April's freeze and dry weather during the summer will not only affect farmers this year, but could potentially hit pocketbooks for three years, according to a Purdue University expert.


(10/30/07) Make sure alternative forages contain adequate nutrients

For livestock producers facing hay shortages this winter, finding alternative forages is not as much of a challenge as providing feed sources with adequate protein and energy for overall ruminant health.


(10/24/07) OSU Extension Beef Team resources available to producer

With hay yields lower than expected and pasture damaged from drought, it could be next spring before producers have adequate forage supplies for their livestock.


(10/24/07) Cattle deaths illustrate importance of care when making feed changes

Twelve cattle on a southern Indiana farm died of a condition called grain overload, which caused acute rumen acidosis, according preliminary findings of Purdue University veterinarians.


(10/11/07) Corn residue an option if forage supplies are short

With livestock forages, especially hay, still in short supply, feeding corn residue may help extend the grazing season. But, like other feeds, management is important.