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FamilyThe 2010 Purdue Forage Day will be held September 2, 2010 at the Purdue University Agronomy Center for Research and Education and the Purdue University Animal Sciences Research and Education Center.

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This year's Forage Day is sponsored by the Purdue Cooperative Extension Service and the Indiana Forage Council. Forage Day combines educational workshops with equipment demonstrations. Presentations cover various topics in the production, utilization and marketing of forages. Forage Day is the only annual event in the state where one can see a live demonstration of harvesting equipment.
round baleWhy Participate
  • Educational topics
  • Equipment demonstrations
  • Network with people of common interest
  • Trade Show
  • Hay quality contest
Hay Quality Contest

To participation the contest, bring 1 unbroken bale of hay as your entry. A certificate will be awarded by the Indiana Forage Council and forage-related products will be provided by agribusinesses to the winner of each division (grass, legume, and mixed). Awards will be announced within 2 weeks following the Forage Day. No fee will be assessed for contest samples.

What the experts say

"The goal [of Forage Day] is to inform farmers on how to produce and utilize forages...It also gives farmers the opportunity to interact with producers of like interest, agribusiness personnel and university personnel."

"Seeing the different pieces of equipment perform side by side is especially helpful. I've always felt that if someone has a need to purchase equipment, the demonstrations would help him or her make a more informed decision"

- Dr. Keith Johnson, Forage Day Coordinator

familyrevious Presentations

2008 Presentations

The Effects of Co-Ensiling Wet Distiller’s Grains plus Solubles With Corn Silage on Growth Performance Of Bred Beef Heifers During Late Pregnancy
- Lori Snyder

Attributes of a Viable Lignocellulosic Biofuel Forage Crop
- Chad Martin

Forage Producers and the Indiana Sales Tax*
- George Patrick

Feeding Value of Wet Distillers Grains For Lactating Dairy Cows When Co-Ensiled With Corn Silage or Haycrop Silage
- Nicole Schmelz

Sizing Forage Machinery
- Dennis Buckmaster

Phosphorus and Potassium Fertilization of Alfalfa
- Keith Johnson

Forage Double-Crop Options
- Brad Shelton

Forage Day Booklet

2007 Presentations

2005 Presentations

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