March 23, 2023
Discovery - Extension - Education


  Through a combination of research, teaching and outreach, students leave with a solid background in any one of four major thrust areas: Genetic Improvement of Economic Crops, Cropping Systems and Plant Nutrition, Environmental Soils and Landscape Processes, and Turf and the Urban Environment.

Graduate Studies

Course List

AGRY 505 Forage Management Volenec Spring Web
AGRY 510 Turfgrass Science Bigelow Fall  
AGRY 511 Population Genetics Muir Fall  
AGRY 512 Integrated Turfgrass Systems Reicher Fall  
AGRY 515 Plant Mineral Nutrition Brouder Fall* Web
AGRY 520 Principles & Methods of Plant Breeding Ejeta Fall  
AGRY 525 Crop Physiology and Ecology Volenec Spring Web
AGRY 530 Advanced Plant Genetics Szymanski/Weil Fall  
AGRY 536 Environmental Biophysics Grant Spring  
AGRY 540 Soil Chemistry Johnston Spring  
AGRY 544 Environmental Organic Chemistry L. Lee Spring  
AGRY 545 Remote Sensing of Land Resources Crawford Fall  
AGRY 548 Remote Sensing Seminar Crawford Fall  
AGRY 549 Earth Observation Seminar Crawford Spring  
AGRY 550 Crops Breeding Techniques Ohm Summer  
AGRY 553 Intro SAS Statistical Analysis Santini Fall/Summer  
AGRY 555 Soil & Plant Analysis Schwab Spring  
AGRY 560 Soil Physics Kladivko Fall Web
AGRY 565 Soil Classification & Survey Schulze/Owens Fall  
AGRY 572 Molecular Cytogenetics Jackson Spring^  
AGRY 573 Molecular Cytogenetics Lab Jackson Spring^  
AGRY 580 Soil Microbiology Turco Spring  
AGRY 581 Soil Microbiology Lab Turco Spring  
AGRY 585 Soils and Land Use Steinhardt Spring  
AGRY 596 Professional Presentation Van Scoyoc Fall  
AGRY 597 Communicating with the Public Johnson Spring  
AGRY 598A Environ. Stress Management Turfgrass Jiang Fall  
AGRY 598B Plant Ecophysiology Jiang Fall  
AGRY 598W Advanced Topics Hydrology Bowling Spring  
AGRY 600 Genomics Jackson/Weil Fall  
AGRY 605 Advanced Plant Breeding Ohm Fall*  
AGRY 635 Micrometeorology Grant Spring  
AGRY 649 Molecular Microbiol Ecology Nakatsu Fall*  
AGRY 650 Clay Mineralogy Schulze  Spring*  
AGRY 655 Soil Genesis Owens Spring^  
AGRY 670 Physical Chemistry of Soil Johnston Spring*  
AGRY 696 Agronomy Grad Seminar Faculty Spring  

*even number years:  2002, 2004, 2006; ^ odd numbered years: 2003, 2005, 2007, etc.