August 18, 2022
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  Through a combination of research, teaching and outreach, students leave with a solid background in any one of four major thrust areas: Genetic Improvement of Economic Crops, Cropping Systems and Plant Nutrition, Environmental Soils and Landscape Processes, and Turf and the Urban Environment.

Graduate Studies


Listing by name

Listing by research

Name Research Area
Joe Anderson Plant Molecular Genetics
Craig Beyrouty Plant Root Ecology/Soil Chemistry
Cale Bigelow Turfgrass Science
Laura Bowling Watershed Hydrology
Sylvie Brouder Plant Mineral Nutrition
Jim Camberato Soil Fertility
Melba Crawford Earth Observation
Rebecca Doerge Genomics/Quantitative Genetics
Gebisa Ejeta Sorghum Genetics and Breeding
Richard Grant Agricultural & Applied Meteorology
John Graveel Environmental Soil Science
Kevin Gurney Biogeochemistry
Gary Heathman Water Resources Unit
Tom Housley Plant Physiology
Chi-Hua Huang Soil Erosion & Water Quality
Scott Jackson Soybean Genomics and Mapping
Yiwei Jiang Turfgrass Physiology
Brad Joern Nutrient Management Planning
Keith Johnson Forage Management
Cliff Johnston Soil Inorganic Chemistry/Mineralogy
Karen Kaczorowski Plant Molecular Genetics
Eileen Kladivko Soils Physics & Soil Management
Brad Lee Soils and Land Use
Linda Lee Environmental Organic Chemistry
Jianxin Ma Comparative Plant Genomics/Soybean Genetics
Cindy Nakatsu Molecular Microbial Ecology
Bob Nielsen Corn Production
Dev Niyogi Regional Scale Climatologist
Darrell Norton Soil Erosion  
Herb Ohm Wheat and Oat Genetics
Phillip Owens Soil Geomorphology
Suresh Rao Soil Physics, Water Quality
Zac Reicher Turfgrass Science
Torbert Rocheford Maize Genetics, Genomics
Darrell Schulze Soil Mineralogy
Paul Schwab Environmental Soil Chemistry
Lee Schweitzer Plant Physiology
Steve Scofield Plant Molecular Biology
Doug Smith Nutrient Fate and Transport
Lori Snyder Forage and Crop Management
Gary Steinhardt Soil Genesis, Soil Management
Diane Stott Soil Microbiology
Dan Szymanski Plant Molecular Genetics
Mitch Tuinstra Maize Genetics and Plant Breeding
Ron Turco Soil Microbiology, Biochemistry
George Van Scoyoc Soil Chemistry
Jeff Volenec Forage Physiology
Jim Vorst Crop Management
Tony Vyn Cropping Systems
Elizabeth Warnemuende Soil and Water Quality
Cliff Weil Maize Genetics, Genomics
Qianlai Zhuang Biogeochemical Gas Modeling