August 18, 2022
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  Through a combination of research, teaching and outreach, students leave with a solid background in any one of four major thrust areas: Genetic Improvement of Economic Crops, Cropping Systems and Plant Nutrition, Environmental Soils and Landscape Processes, and Turf and the Urban Environment.

Graduate Studies

Graduate Students

listings by name, program, and professor

Idris Amusan Breeding and Genetics of Sorghum G. Ejeta
Ricardo Arias Cropping System Management L. Snyder
Benjamin Atkinson Forage Production & Utilization K. Johnson
Stephen Baluch Molecular Genetics H. Ohm
Christopher Boomsma Cropping Systems T. Vyn
Brian Bornino Turf Science Z. Reicher
Nadia Carmosini Organic Chemistry L. Lee
Chun-Mei Chiu Watershed Hydrology L. Bowling
Kavitha Dasu Environmental Soil Chemistry L. Lee
Ryan Edwards Soil Fertility & Corn Management J. Camberato/
R. Nielsen
Daniel Emmert Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition   J. Camberato 
Branly Eugene Soils   B. Joern
Megan Gillespie Plant Molecular Pathology S. Scofield
Dustin Johnson Soil Fertility J. Camberato/
R. Nielsen
Eric Johnson Turfgrass Science C. Johnston
Bushra Khan Environmental Organic Chemistry L. Lee
Pasajee Kongsila Plant Molecular Biology J. Anderson/
T. Housley
Nils Landin Soil Geomorphology P. Owens
Myriam Larose Watershed Hydrology L. Bowling/
G. Heathman
Zamir Libohova Hydropedology P. Owens
Blucher Menelas Soil Fertility B. Joern/
J. Camberato
Bibi Naz Watershed Hydrology L. Bowling
Jared Nemitz Turf Science C. Bigelow
Sayjro Nouwakpo Soil Erosion C. Huang
Brett Ochs Wheat Breeding H. Ohm
Mary-Jane Orr Microbiology R. Turco
Michael Popelka Plant Breeding & Genetics M. Tuinstra
Kiran Rana Soil & Environmental Physical Chem. C. Johnston
Kristen Rinehart  Wheat/Oat Genetics & Breeding H. Ohm
Laurel Royer Dechlorination of PCS's L. Lee
James Rutledge Turfgrass Science Z. Reicher
Zhonghua Tong Microbiology R. Turco
Michael Vercauteren Plant Breeding & Genetics H. Ohm
Ying Wang Cropping Systems Y. Jiang
Candiss Williams Soil Chemistry B. Joern
Sarah Wolf Agronomy J. Graveel
Yanbing Xia Cropping Systems T. Vyn
Guoxiang Yang Watershed Hydrology L. Bowling
Chun Zhao Soil Fertility/Chemistry & Nutrition B. Joern/
J. Camberato