Purdue Hydrology



Fushcia Hoover successfully defended her dissertation on July 10th!

Just Published

Wang, L., D. Flanagan, and K. A. Cherkauer (2017). Development of a coupled water quality model. Transactions of the ASABE, 60(4), pp. 1153-1170. DOI 10.13031/trans.12002..

Saadat, S., L. Bowling, J. Frankenberger, and K. Brooks (2017). Effects of controlled drainage on water table recession rate. Transactions of ASABE, 60(3), 813-821. DOI 10.13031/trans.11922.

Our research group currently consists of two faculty members and fourteen graduate research assistants, focusing primarily on the hydrologic impacts of environmental change at a range of scales, through the use of in-situ data collection, remote sensing and hydrologic models.

Current interests being pursued in the hydrologic impacts group can be broadly grouped into these general areas: 

I. Evaluating the role of land management

II. Characterizing the effects of landcover/land-use change

III. Predicting hydrologic change in cold regions

IV. Climate change impacts on regional hydrology

V. Remote sensing of water quality in rivers and lakes and the phenology of agricultural crops

VI. Improving the simulation of agricultural crops in the face of a changing climate

If you are interested in joining our group, please visit either the Agronomy Department or Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department for graduate application instructions.