Purdue Hydrology


Laura Bowling, bowling at purdue.edu

Laura Bowling is a Professor in the Agronomy Department at Purdue University.  She also holds a courtesy appointment in Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 

Keith Cherkauer, cherkauer at purdue.edu

Keith Cherkauer is an Associate Professor in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University. 


Natalie Chin, Post-Doc in ABE, chinn at purdue.edu

Graduate Assistants

Isis Chagas, PhD student in ABE, ichagas at purdue.edu

Sadia Jame, ESE student, sjame at purdue.edu

Stephen Kines, MS student in ABE, skines at purdue.edu

Charlotte Lee, MS student in AGRY, lee1876 at purdue.edu

MD. Sanoar Rahman, ESE PhD student in ABE, rahman17 at purdue.edu

Samaneh Saadat, PhD student in ABE, ssaadat at purdue.edu

Nagendra Singh, PhD student in ABE, singh186 at purdue.edu

Stuart Smith, PhD student in ABE, smit1770 at purdue.edu

Yan Zhu, PhD student in ABE, ahu631 at purdue.edu

Undergraduate Students

Peter Rosche, ABE ENRE, assisting with UAS operations

Former Students


Fushcia Hoover, ESE PhD graduate 2017


Mahsa Modirig, MS student in CE

Natalie Chin, PhD graduate 2016

Andi Hodaj, PhD graduate 2016

Caroline Hughes, MS graduate 2016

Ruoyu Wang, PhD graduate 2016

Lili Wang, PhD graduate 2016


Stuart Smith, MS graduate 2015

Jing Tan, ESE PhD graduate 2015


Anthony Hearst, ABE MS graduate 2014

Wei-Chih Chen, PhD graduate 2014

Guy Bou Lahdou, ABE MSABE graduate 2014

Emily Stewart, ABE MSABE graduate 2014

Colton Yoder, AGRY MS graduate 2014


Kyle Brooks, ABE MS graduate 2013.

Chun-mei Chiu, AGRY PhD graduate 2013.

Jennifer Roath, ESE MSABE graduate 2013.


Sarah Rutkowski, MSABE graduate 2012.


Bibi Naz, AGRY PhD graduate 2011.

Gavin (Guoxiang) Yang, AGRY PhD graduate 2011.


Myriam Larose, AGRY PhD graduate 2010.

Vimal Mishra, ABE PhD graduate 2010.


Srinivasulu Ale, ABE PhD graduate 2009.


Dazhi Mao, ABE PhD graduate 2008.

Krishnaveni Sathulur, AGRY MS graduate 2008.

Tushar Sinha, ABE PhD graduate 2008.

Linda Sylvester, EAS MS graduate 2008.


Patrick Gies, ABE MS graduate 2006.

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