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Undergraduate Studies

The Department of Agronomy prepares students for a wide variety of professional positions that require a combination of scientific and managerial skills.  Appealing career opportunities exist for students interested in the sciences, in natural resources, in business, or in communications.

A hallmark of the department is the personal attention given to each student.   Faculty members advise students on an individual basis and work with students throughout their college careers and beyond.  Students are encouraged to work with faculty in research labs and in industry to gain professional experience.  Agronomy majors select one of eight major areas.  Each program of study provides adequate flexibility to meet specific interest and goals.

Plans of Study include:


Graduate Studies

Advanced study in Agronomy at Purdue University opens doors to a near endless array of stimulating professional opportunities in public and private organizations worldwide.

Our M.S. and Ph.D. graduates are leaders who set the scientific and educational agendas at major universities, in government agencies like USDA, DOE, and EPA, and in hundreds of private companies in North America and beyond.

Our faculty are at the forefront of discovery, engagement, and scholarship in the crop, soil, and environmental sciences.

Our commitment to the professional growth and development of our graduate students is unrivaled.

Our newly remodeled facilities are among the finest in the world. ever have challenges to agriculture and the environment been greater. Rarely has the opportunity to impact science and society been more at-hand than at Purdue University. Come and join us in our journey of discovery.

The four Graduate Studies thrust areas are: